Welcome to IT Pro Experts

I am excited to introduce IT Pro Experts, establishing our name that defines the strategic mission for our partner program opportunities. IT Pro Experts will become our master brand in building premier relationships and partner opportunities. The familiar range of products and services of SBSmigration.com as are just the initial technology solution sets and programs for inviting you into IT Pro Experts.

I invite our customers and partners to SBSmigration.com to become acquainted with ITproExperts.com as it is accessible to SBSmigration.com product and events customers past and present. We have worked hard over the past year to introduce core website upgrades incrementally so that our transition here is seamless. You have full continuity of your credentials, history, resources and our business commitment to you. Please notice, you may logon into your resources in My Account from either website, in fact, from any website in our now integrated brands management set. The path from any entry point arrives at the one central hub.

IT Pro Experts is expanding the way we do business, incorporating our established relationships model, to help IT Pros master a wider range of skill based projects. We will address topics of expertise for IT Pros through project solutions beyond migration, without constraint to a specific platform. We will incorporate additional technology focus storefronts, and new deployment concepts and product solution paths.

ITproExperts.com represents the solutions hub of many new integrated business and technology concepts. The centralized resource and account management provide integrated order processing of products and services together with event and training registrations. Our multi-storefront capability enables us to establish more logic organization as we expand or solutions sets.

  • Products & Services – An expanded set of products and skill based project solutions with technology space beyond Swing Migration, and beyond SBS platforms
  • Support Management – Our capability with interactive support options and case management will be dramatically enhanced with a new forum and discussion module design as part of our partner program announcement ahead
  • Partnerships – We are preparing a Partner Program opportunity for a premier level of customer services and project/service engaged relationships
  • Events & Training – Our events and conference brands will gain a more diversified footing within the IT Pro Experts, extending the IT Pro Conference and SMB MVP Community Roadshow touring outreach

SBSmigration.com has long established leadership built upon industry partnerships in community and vendor relationships. This allows us to offer you the opportunity to partner with our partners through IT Pro Experts. By consolidating our products and support resources together with our training and events resources, ITproExperts.com simplifies our relationship management tools as part of our partnership strategy. For those who registered earlier this year for IT Pro Conference 2012, you were our pilot test of the new integrated events registration features now featured at ITproExperts.com. And in the next few weeks and months we will extend even more resources.

To our customers past and present, we thank you for continuing with us on the road ahead SMB solution providers. For our new visitors, I invite you to learn more about how our eight years of experience in SMB and our dedication to channel partner strategies shows our commitment to building IT Pro Experts opportunities with you.

Jeff Middleton

Founder of SBSmigration.com and IT Pro Experts

2 thoughts on “Welcome to IT Pro Experts

  1. Jeff welcome to the world of blogging. Congratulation on the public launch of IT Pro Experts and what a great way to announce it as the charter post to your new blog!

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